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Well look what the cat drug in! Welcome to Chateau Blanche and thank you for showing interest in my offbeat little brand. Double thanks if you haven’t judged my improper use of the French language! If you’re looking to become a stockist (I thought about being fancy and typing ‘purchase my wares’) please fill out the following application. You’ll then be emailed a password & can click the button above for access to the wholesale shop. You can order there, direct through me using the contact link at the bottom of the page, or by shooting an email to In the meantime you can flip through this puppy on your left! Take note that all opening orders ship free with only a $100.00 minimum & reorders are a steal at only $75.00. I ship anywhere in the U.S. and Canada via USPS from Tulsa, Oklahoma within 14 business days of receiving payment. Free shipping throughout the United States on all orders of $350.00 or more.