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Honest Cards.

It’s easy to acknowledge the fun & exciting moments in life; weddings, birthdays, graduations, etc. Joy is infectious & we naturally want to celebrate the people we care about.

But what do you say to your best friend whose husband chose to walk away after seven years? To the coworker diagnosed with major depressive disorder? What do you do for the girlfriend that lost her job? Or to the boss you’ve seen fight through multiple surgeries & years of pain? This is reality; bad shit happens. It’s when those you care about are knee deep in LIFE that they need to be reminded you’re there. That even when you aren’t sure what to say, you’ll try your hardest to say it.

Chateau Blanche is committed to finding authentic ways of acknowledging life’s good AND bad moments. Because it’s fun to celebrate with the ones you love, but it’s heartfelt to help them get through their darkest days.


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Simply put.

Chateau Blanche is a small giftables company specializing in honest & humorous greeting cards & unique stationery products.

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